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Thread: New Video Card IDEA for SE/30

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New Video Card IDEA for SE/30
Posted: May 26, 2016 3:06 AM
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Hi I am a newbie to this forum, Doug will remember me as the guy with a clear cased Se/30.
I just got a SCSI2SD and am playing with my 30 again.
As I was reading the posts around the net I realized the possibility of involving you all in a new project.
I use a lot of BeagleBone Blacks and Arduinos for prototype equipment that we later make our own boards for.
The beagle has a pretty simple implementation of a micro HDMI that will work with most newer lcd screens.
My thought is that we should be able to tap into the PDS and get the needed signals that the exceed or other cards used to produce the video out. Using newer HDMI chip sets we should be able to feed the video out to an external monitor.
I know tech night and others are working on the IIsi PDS video cards I think you guys might have all that is needed already.
I am sure that we could get enough interest to run a batch of NEW video + accelerator + ethernet or wifi cards based off the atmel mega 2560 or Beagle ArmHf that would essentially duplicate a 50Mhz 68040 and such all on one card.
I think that there are already emulators for ARM that should be able to harvest source code for the 68040 calls to arm and back to 68040 to PDS.
The emulated speed would still be faster than a 16Mhz 68030
What do you guys think?

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Re: New Video Card IDEA for SE/30
Posted: May 31, 2016 9:30 AM   in response to: daveosx in response to: daveosx
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bbraun's already been working with exactly such a thing for the Mac Plus; see the "video out for compact Macs" thread.

The Exceed is effectively a NuBus video card adapted to work in the PDS slot. It doesn't tap into any video signals, it makes all of its own from it's own VRAM. The classic MacOS for all its foibles got video card and monitor handling very right a decade before MIcrosoft even tried.

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