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Name: Richter Belmont  
Registered: Nov 29, 2012
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Re: Are there Chips on your PowerCache Adapter? HELP REQUEST
Development » Hardware Hacking, Dec 7, 2016
Because of the way QuickDraw and the Slot Manager work, PDS video cards typically want to be seen by...
Re: SE/30 video ROM?
Development » Hardware Hacking, Jun 3, 2016
Oh. 1) -resolution is broken in 0.172/0.173/0.174. It's fixed in current Github. 2) -window -n...
Re: New Video Card IDEA for SE/30
Development » Hardware Hacking, May 31, 2016
bbraun's already been working with exactly such a thing for the Mac Plus; see the "video out for com...
Re: SE/30 video ROM?
Development » Hardware Hacking, May 24, 2016
If it's not complaining, the ROM is almost certainly correct. It's very hard to forge both the CRC3...
Re: dougg3 ROM SIMM IIsi image hacking
Development » Hardware Hacking, Apr 15, 2016
IIsi's got a lot less supported systems, including a few variants that didn't ship: ROM ID is 36b...
Re: dougg3 ROM SIMM IIsi image hacking
Development » Hardware Hacking, Apr 13, 2016
Most Mac ROMs after a certain point are "Universal", meaning they autodetect many of the features of...
Re: USB to ADB
Development » Hardware Hacking, Apr 10, 2016
FWIW, a 1 MHz 6800 was never used for ADB that I know of. Egret and Cuda run the 6805 at ~2.1 MHz w...
Re: Model Number Command Response for Macintosh Plus keyboard
Help » Hardware Help, Dec 6, 2015
AFAIK the Mac Plus keyboard is indistinguishable by software from an original with the sidecar numer...
Re: Repair Quadra 700
Help » Hardware Help, Oct 31, 2015
Power switch issue sounds like battery problems. Either it's dead and the PMU's corrupted itself (w...
Re: share files seamlessly between a modern Mac and a Quadra 800 running 8.1
Help » Software Help, Sep 17, 2015
I was able to buy a license in 2012. It does appear the shopping cart's broken now, but maybe conta...