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Name: Rob Braun  
Registered: Jul 25, 2012
Total Posts: 493

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Re: adev/atlk information
Development » Software Hacking, Apr 23, 2019
Yeah, I heard about that mythical document too when I was trying to write the adev, but was never ab...
Re: AppleTalk over IP
Development » Software Hacking, Apr 13, 2019
I believe it is still working. Generally the appletalk over ip server is pretty good, but sometimes...
Re: netBOOT ROM driver
Development » Software Hacking, Nov 28, 2018
Neat. I hadn't seen anything about enabling those resources before. The AV macs didn't seem to nee...
Re: ROMs
Development » Software Hacking, Aug 13, 2016
The sound and video buffers aren't really part of the machine's physical memory map, but are softwar...
Re: Localtalk bridge
Development » Hardware Hacking, Aug 13, 2016
I can't remember which password it uses. If you go to the Control Panel in the forum, there's a "m6...
Re: 64-pin SIMM outline drawing?
Development » Hardware Hacking, Aug 5, 2016
Yeah, I suspect you'll have better luck looking at the processor bus than the ROM SIMM slot, since t...
Re: 32-bit memory accesses from 24-bit code
Development » Software Hacking, May 7, 2016
Re: dougg3 ROM SIMM IIsi image hacking
Development » Hardware Hacking, Apr 18, 2016
The Finder only places the trashcan the first time. Then it can be moved wherever you want it, so y...
Re: Making a Mac Dev Board
Development » Hardware Hacking, Mar 1, 2016
I haven't messed with any of this in a while, but one could consider [the board I made for SE video|...
Re: Model Number Command Response for Macintosh Plus keyboard
Help » Hardware Help, Dec 4, 2015
I don't recall offhand, and unfortunately I'm about to leave for a work trip. I can hook up the log...