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Thread: SiI3112 ROM

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SiI3112 ROM
Posted: Sep 25, 2012 12:46 PM
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OK, not strictly 68k, but I'm looking into SATA options for my 9600, and decided to poke around with cheap SiI3112-based SATA cards. In theory this is the same SiI3112 family as the Sonnet Tempo cards

Anyone have any experience with these? I picked up some cheap SiI3112-based cards off of eBay, and swapped in a PLCC socket (I couldn't find any that came socketed), and flashed a 4Mbit flash chip with using the Sonnet tempo firmware. Unfortunately, the card neither boots, nor shows up in Drive Setup.

I started disassembling the ROM image, and I'd like to be able to get a PCI device listing in System 7.6, just to sanity check that the vendor/device IDs match. Is my best bet the OF device tree, or is there some other way to pull that off?

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Re: SiI3112 ROM
Posted: Jun 15, 2014 11:29 PM   in response to: landonf in response to: landonf
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Did you end up having any luck with this?

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Re: SiI3112 ROM
Posted: Jun 16, 2014 12:47 AM   in response to: superpete in response to: superpete
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I'm not landonf, but I actually did have luck on this front. I ended up documenting it on another message board (also more at this link). In fact I didn't even realize that landonf had discussed it here until now :-) I was trying to help someone who accidentally screwed up his card's firmware. I did eventually get him up and running, and in the process figured out how to make generic PC cards work.

In case something happens to the other board, and because their images are screwed up now, I'll repeat my findings here:

I did some disassembly of the kext that gets extracted from the card into Mac OS X. The problem is that the Sonnet Tempo SATA firmware only works with certain flash chips. The Mac driver it installs will actually read the chip ID and bail if it's not a supported flash device. The supported flash devices are:


Some of the generic PC cards supply 5V to the flash chip, and these supported flash chips are 3.3V. The cards I modded have a selectable 3.3V or 5V flash supply, and defaulted to 5V:

So basically I changed that resistor to select 3.3V flash, removed the unsupported flash chip, put on a new supported chip, and flashed the Sonnet/Firmtek firmware onto it (ROMFILE2.1S2, extracted from the firmware update). The flashing can occur either directly to the chip with a flash programmer prior to soldering, or you can put the card into a Windows PC and use a FreeDOS boot disk with Silicon Image's UPDFLASH.EXE.

BTW, although this isn't really relevant to the technical aspect of getting it working, I have to bring this up because it bugs me now that I'm looking back at my old posts on this topic. landonf has the naming of this chip correct. I had it wrong in the posts I linked to above. I thought the chip's name began with S, lowercase I, lowercase L (Sil3112), but it's actually S, lowercase I, uppercase I (SiI3112). Si for Silicon, I for Image. Maybe writing it both ways here will help Googlers find us :-)

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Re: SiI3112 ROM
Posted: Jun 16, 2014 9:55 PM   in response to: dougg3 in response to: dougg3
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Wow dougg3, that's some impressive investigation! Looks like I'll be ordering the card and some flash chips!

And interesting about the SiI naming, I always assumed it was SiL myself!

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