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This is a list of components to order for building bigmessowires' Floppy Emu. Obviously, in addition to this, you will need the circuit board. Gerber files for the PCB can be downloaded from bigmessowires' page.

Parts to order from Digi-Key

QuantityPart numberDescription
1ATMEGA1284P-AU-NDAVR microcontroller
1568-1582-5-NDLevel converter
1497-1242-1-ND3.3V regulator
1644-1039-1-ND20 MHz crystal
1S9172-ND20-pin floppy connector
1609-2845-NDAVR ISP connector


Alternate: SW423CT-ND

1A101492CT-NDSD card connector


Alternate: 445-7680-1-ND

0.1 uF capacitor


Alternate: 311-1355-1-ND

10 uF capacitor
2709-1171-1-ND18 pF capacitor
3P220ACT-ND220 ohm resistor
1RR12P10.0KDCT-ND10K ohm resistor
1A26514-40-NDBreakaway header (break into 8-pin sections)
2A26420-ND8-pin header receptacles

Parts to order from Sparkfun


Parts to order from IEC

1;L1561;6Cable to convert between DB-19 external connector on Mac and 20-pin header on Floppy Emu (recommended)
1 (optional);DB19MS;41DB-19 connector for soldering directly to Floppy Emu (not recommended) Since the disk image is selected by buttons and LCD directly on the Floppy Emu, plugging it directly into the back of the Mac can be inconvenient. However, the DB19 can be useful during assembly when testing the AVR prior to soldering the CPLD, since the 20-pin header for the cable can interfere with soldering the CPLD.


Assembly notes:

You'll also need to program the AVR.  BMOW recommends, and I have used the AVRISP mkII.

It may be convenient to temporarily use a solderless header for the ISP during assembly.  When testing the AVR during assembly, you'll need to use the ISP connector.  However, soldering the ISP in place can interfere with installation of subsequent parts.  BMOW's suggested technique is to hold the ISP connector at an angle during testing.  I initially had trouble with my assembly, and I was unsure whether it was the ISP connection, or the installation of the parts I was testing.  The solderless header can help.

If compiling the firmware, make sure you select the Release target in Atmel Studio.  Compiling with the Debug target changes timings in detrimental ways.

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