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The mac68k AppleTalk Network is an AppleTalk network over UDP/IP to a server.  Nearly any Mac running OpenTransport or pre-OpenTransport AppleTalk version 58 or later from System 7 through OS 9.2.2 can connect.  When you connect, it's as if you're on the same LocalTalk network as everyone else!  Recreate the old LocalTalk LAN feel over the internet.

In order to connect, you will need the client software:


This will contain a file named "AppleTalk over IP".  Place this file in your Extensions folder.

Your mac will also need IP network connectivity that is not MacIP.  Any ethernet or wireless interface will do, even if you're using MacTCP or OpenTransport.

You will need a username and password to connect.  All forum members have a password which can be obtained by visiting your profile page.  Log into the forums and click on your username in the top right corner.

When connecting to the AppleTalk network, your username will be your forum username, and your password will be the "mac68k Service Password" from the profile page as shown above.

To connect to the network, open the AppleTalk Control Panel (or Network Control Panel if you are not running OpenTransport) and select "AppleTalk over IP" from the drop down menu:



After selecting it, you will be presented for your username and password:

Once connected, you can use the Chooser from the Apple menu to view other file servers on the network.

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