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This page is meant as a registry for modded locations within the Mac Plus ROM, to avoid colliding with changes others have made.

0x2CA84Custom startup sound changes

Patch test for SCSI presence to check RAM size instead of ROM mirroring.

4E71 4E71 4E71 0C78 0008 0108 6F06

0x8765Changes to open the ROMDisk driver.  Change ".Sound" to ".Braun"
0xD9A4Two NOPs overwritten here to disable ROM checksum check
0xFD220Happy Mac face
0x177531Change the driver number of what used to be .Print driver from 2 to 0x15
0x178375Change ".Print" driver to ".Braun" driver name
0x1786042Modify the beginning of the .Print driver to jump to 0x420044 for the ROMDisk driver
0x1F2843388Chicago system font
0x200001024The ROMDisk driver
0x210003072Custom startup sound
0x28000884736ROMDisk image



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