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MachineElectrically worksBootable ROMsMax Addressable SpaceNotes
IIYES 8MBMost II's ship with four DIP ROMs although have solder pads for a SIMM socket. A SIMM can be installed if the DIP sockets are removed and a SIMM socket is installed.
IIxYESIIx, SE/30, IIsi, Q7008MB 
SE/30YESSE/30, IIx, IIsi8MB 
IIciYESIIci, IIsi, Q700, C610/6508MB 
IIsiYESIIsi, Q700, C610/650, Q6508MB 
IIvi/IIvx/P600YES 1MBThese machines are a bit of an offshoot from the ROM perspective, and few, if any later ROMs can boot these machines.
ColorClassicNO  The ColorClassic has solder pads for a ROM SIMM socket, but when I tried to install a socket and a ROM SIMM, the machine would not boot. Perhaps more experimentation is in order.
Q700YESQ700, Q6501MB 
Q900YES 1MB 
C610/650YES 1MB(1)
Q650YES 1MB(1)
Q800YES 1MB(1)
Q605YES 1MB(1)
Q630YESQ6301MBThis is another case of the machine being off on a branch and no other ROMs working with it.


(1): Most of these machines do not have a SIMM socket installed from the factory, but have solder pads where a SIMM socket can be installed.  A few machines are known to have shipped with SIMM sockets (and possibly their own SIMMs), but this is much more unusual.

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