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The Radius Rocket can be used either as an accelerator or as a standalone "mac on a stick".  Unfortunately, it's a bit finicky about the proper combinations of driver software, OS software, and systems it is running on.  The intent of this page is to try to map out what works under what configurations.  RocketWare is the software to use the Rocket as an accelerator, and RocketShare is the software to use the Rocket as a standalone "mac on a stick".

Host MachineRocket SoftwareHost OSRocket OSAppleTalk VersionFeatures/Notes
IIxRocketShare 1.3.1System 7.1System 7.158.1I didn't try any of the AppleTalk over Nubus features such as file sharing with the host system.
IIxRocketWare 1.5System 7.1N/AN/ARocketWare 1.5 comes with a copy of the Mac ROM which supports the Rocket.

The AppleTalk version is either the version of OpenTransport installed, or the version listed in the Network Control Panel, if pre-OT networking is used.

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