On the Mac68k AppleTalk Network there is a dedicated AppleShare file server that identifies its self as "mac68k.info", that has a single public share volume.

You can access it as a Guest, or you can log in with your mac68k.info Service Password, the same username/password used to log in to the AppleTalk Network.

When accessing the server as guest, you'll have read-only access to all the content.

If you are authenticated, a directory in public:users:<username> will be created for you.  You can put whatever you want there, and it will be read-only to the rest of the users.  You also have write access to the archive directory and can upload things there.


The Service Password is randomly generated and difficult to remember, so you can use a utility called "Quick Mount", located in the public:archive:Utilities directory on the server.  This allows you to create a double-clickable icon that stores your credentials and can be used to easily mount the authenticated volume.